Monday, March 12, 2007

Respect My Girl Authority

One of Vince Clarke's first songs is seeing the light of day this week as part of "preeteen pop girl group" Girl Authority's album Road Trip. The official Erasure site reports that Clarke reworked the song, which pre-dates his time with Depeche Mode, to include the riff from "Just Can't Get Enough" and to make it a better fit for the intended young female audience.

"Let's Get Together" can be streamed at Girl Authority's myspace and Road Trip can be streamed in full here for the next week.

UPDATE: Bardot tracked down video of Vince running through the song with the first formation of Depeche. Check it out, it's fascinating stuff.


bardot said...


ok wow.

i thought it was a joke when i went to their myspace page, but i was totally weirded out when i heard the song!

i can hear vince's influence, as well as that "just can't..." riff, but the little mini-rap was hard to take. i just kept imagining how early dm would have done the song!

Daft Monk said...

While it's no masterpiece the song does have that early Depeche Vince sound to it. My question is why the song is finally coming out of the vaults now in such unexpected way.