Monday, May 17, 2010

Free Download: Junior Boys- In The Morning

The following 2006 post was removed by Blogger on April 19, 2010 after they received a DMCA complaint regarding the post. I am re-posting this because there is nothing offensive contained in the entry and there was no copyright infringement involved. What I believe to be the offending link has been modified but it is dead link to a promotional mp3 offered by the band's label suggesting this notice is the work of lawyers too lazy to check what they are claiming is creating copyright infringement:

I stumbled into a free and legal download of Junior Boys amazing new single "In The Morning" and just had to share it. I enjoyed their "Last Exit" album, but nothing on it, even the fantastic "Birthday", grabbed me as quickly as "In The Morning" has. Not convinced by my taste? Then consult the holy book of hipsterdom:

Everything overlaps seamlessly-- the verse and the chorus blissfully interchangeable, all pushed forward by that rhythm-- up until around the three minute mark, when things swell to a sudden build and the Boys introduce a shrill firecracker synth riff that sounds like one of Lil JonÂ’s, albeit pitched up and comically excited. As simple sonic moments go, its one of the most thrilling youÂ’ll hear this year. As for the track, same-- five minutes rarely rush by this quickly.

: Pitchfork reports that Junior Boys album "So This Is Goodbye" is out on the improbable August 17th (which is a Thursday).

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