Thursday, May 27, 2004

Web Weapon

You probably already know the Christopher Walken starring music video for Fatboy Slim's "Weapon Of Choice,"

and thanks to the magic that is the internet I just discovered a faithful stick figure flash version of the video. It's amazing what's out there.

Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Lost Twins?

Tired of hype for the season finale of "American Idol" I've become obsessed with Ryan Seacrest's shocking resemblance to former mtv pretty boy Brian McFayden (hosting on the TV Guide channel these days, and WB's idol parody).

Local News

Today may have had a presidential speech as it's major headline, but this story is what caught my eye.

Here's a bit of the story from SF Gate :
A radio traffic reporter became part of the traffic report Monday morning when the small plane he was in made an emergency landing on an East Bay freeway -- causing a traffic slowdown.

No one was injured in the incident, which happened at about 8:30 a.m. when the Cessna 172 apparently ran out of gas while en route to the Hayward municipal airport and landed on westbound Interstate 580 at Highway 238 in Castro Valley, authorities said.

With the help of a motorist who slowed cars on the freeway, the pilot managed to land in the far right lane and come to a stop in the right shoulder. No cars were hit, and a monumental traffic jam was averted, but traffic slowed as motorists gawked at the spectacle of the red-striped plane on the freeway.

: My wife used to commute past that area, admittedly heading the other direction, at that time of day until a little over a month ago. It's just such a surreal scene.


Also I'm a bit bummed that Morrissey won't be making all of his Kilborn residency. Why must I always be so miserable?

Thursday, May 20, 2004

Miss Kittin

Thanks to a generous donor, I've had a chance to listen to the new Miss Kittin album. It's a bit of an overwhelming album on the first listen because it is completely uncompromising. It was my feeling that Miss Kittin would go a bit more pop and accessible than her work with The Hacker, but she went the other direction. I still have to develop my thoughts and I expect to write out a formal review for, but on first listen it is a very interesting album. It's always good to find albums where people push themselves artistically.
If you’re interested in some great photography, then check out the work of Electro Swank. She’s done some great things with models and electronic pop bands.

Tuesday, May 18, 2004

The Truth About Film School

A buddy of mine passed the following article from The Onion:

Film-School Graduate Goes Straight To
Video-Store Job
SANTA MONICA, CA—The theatrical career of recent USC School of Cinema-Television graduate Neil Hemmitt was put on hold indefinitely as the aspiring director went straight to video-store clerking Monday. "The big studios never gave me a chance," Hemmitt said, as he shelved a Big Fish DVD at Blockbuster. "But it's because they didn't understand me." Hemmitt's producers, Harold and Francine Hemmitt, pulled his financial support in March, after calling his predicament "hardly original."

: As someone with a completely useless associates film degree, this says more about film school than anything else. I know so many more film professors than people working making films, and all those people I know get paid to work on films volunteered for a decade before getting paying jobs. What a complete waste.

Kraftwerk Live

I had the pleasure of the seeing the legendary Kraftwerk live in San Francisco a couple of weeks ago. It was an amazing show and I was fortunate enough to bump into mp3s of their appearance two days later at the Cochella festival at this secret location which I saw on the boards on NewOrderOnline.
Speaking of New Order, today is the anniversary of the death of Joy Division's singer Ian Curtis. A sad time, and I've been listening to a bit of JD to mark the occasion. Interesting note, Curtis was a bit of a Kraftwerk obsessive and had his band listen to Kraftwerk before taking the stage for live shows years before they would fully adopt electronics as New Order.

First Blog

Welcome to my first blog posting. Let me begin with the obvious question. Who am I? An avid electronic music fan and internet radio dj. Daft Monk's Boombox is my station and I invite you to check it out. Beyond that I spend time on the (where I also do occasional reviews), Electro Culture , and SlothRadio forums. I also run the ElectroPop group onAudioscrobbler.