Tuesday, May 18, 2004

The Truth About Film School

A buddy of mine passed the following article from The Onion:

Film-School Graduate Goes Straight To
Video-Store Job
SANTA MONICA, CA—The theatrical career of recent USC School of Cinema-Television graduate Neil Hemmitt was put on hold indefinitely as the aspiring director went straight to video-store clerking Monday. "The big studios never gave me a chance," Hemmitt said, as he shelved a Big Fish DVD at Blockbuster. "But it's because they didn't understand me." Hemmitt's producers, Harold and Francine Hemmitt, pulled his financial support in March, after calling his predicament "hardly original."

: As someone with a completely useless associates film degree, this says more about film school than anything else. I know so many more film professors than people working making films, and all those people I know get paid to work on films volunteered for a decade before getting paying jobs. What a complete waste.

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