Tuesday, November 30, 2004

No Update

The hp that I normally use had it's power supply die for the fourth time since I bought it three years ago and since it is no longer under warranty I don't have the money to fix it because it's got some specialized fitted power supply that is only available from the company. Of course I could use the hp laptop that I own, but the power supply on that is busted as well.

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Ripping Off The Band-Aid

I caught Kerry's concession speech this morning. Completely classy and a rather moving take on the democratic process. Even with the razor thin margin of victory (which I saw called a "decisive victory" by one of the Fox News anchors, come on it was 51% to 49%, how is that even close to decisive) it's good to see that things moved quickly and without controversy.
What seems to have made the difference was religious folks who think Bush has a closer connection with God. Maybe he does, but he always looks like he's putting on a public show rather than a sincere feeling of faith by my take, but the vote’s show I am in the minority. I think Plaid, who is a sweet woman who I happen to disagree with, summed it up well avoiding the fake ambiguity she used pre-election over at the Sloth Radio forums:
Kerry evidentally ran a spirited campaign. I think most people knew they weren't "stuck" with a vote. They didn't have to vote for the candidate who professed the Catholic heritage without a firm practice of his convictions.

The majority of us decided that Morality Matters. Character Counts.

God Bless America! President George W. Bush remains President for another term.

: I just don't understand how people have come to conclusion that Kerry isn't religious because he doesn't have a story about religion saving him from alcoholism. I don't understand how morality or character factors into taking the country into a war that was outlined years before by the PNAC doctrine written by current members of the White House administration. At this point it doesn't matter, because the country decided. Life goes on.

Monday, November 01, 2004


We're now just hours away from an incredibly close Presidential election and it's about time to get it over with. I think people have gotten a bit tense, more willing to snap at others if you will, because no one knows who is going to win the election and everyone out there has a strong opinion. Some months back before the Democratic primaries were held I publicly declared that it was going to be incredibly close election and that the events of the past three years have polarized Americans to an incredible degree. We should know just how right I was in a day or so, but for now I'm enjoying the view sitting on edge of history.